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My why..

I was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils when my oldest boy was about 2 years old and was instantly blown away with how effective a touch of lavender on my sons foot post a bee sting was !

He was off running & laughing minutes later … IMPRESSED.

So after surrounding and educating myself with dōTERRA, I am now making my own cleaning products and essential oil blends - My caring nature just had to share this goodness with you.

100% Toxin Free Cleaning Products for the home

Unique Essential Oil Blends

EOBANDZ - Labels that last!

Health is everything - educate yourself - make the change - make a difference to your body and the environment …

Welcome to my Passion.

                 I think beautiful things 

                  are about to happen. 

          I trust that. I feel it. I believe it.  

                            - unknown - 

About Us

Becks Johnson

MUM of two handsome boys - Charlie & Max

WIFE of a very supporting husband - Dicko

MASSAGE THERAPIST - The body (blows my mind)

Business Owner - Drop Essentials NZ

Totally outside my comfort zone but loving the challenge & the learnings !! 

-- ride with me  --